Our Dance Studio Offers Multiple Dance Genres and Ballet Classes

Our dance studio in Darwin caters to all children and teens and all experience levels with many genres to choose from, so if you or your child have a love of dance, you are sure to find something to suit.

Ready Set Ballet is for budding ballerinas aged 2 to 5 years old. This 30 minute class helps develop coordination, creativity and confidence while experiencing the magic of ballet and learning the fundamentals of the genre. Our academy offers 8x Ready Set Ballet classes throughout the week so there will be something to suit your schedule.

As students progress into Junior classes they are introduced to the renown RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) ballet syllabus. We offer 8 ballet classes throughout the week for our students between the ages of 6 to 18. Ballet is foundational to all styles of dance and it is a discipline, our teachers are educated in making the ballet class experience educational, structured and sprinkled with fun.

The Benefits of Ballet

Dance is a wonderful way to exercise, push your limits, socialise, and express yourself. Dancing develops and tones muscles and improves circulation, posture, balance, coordination, core strength, and flexibility. Dancing also helps develop mental strength and focus: it takes mental effort to master technique and remember different routines while performing in time to the music.

Attending ballet lessons will have multiple positive impacts, including providing a sense of movement, rhythm, and appreciation for dance as a discipline and an artform.

  • Ballet gives dancers a strong technical foundation for all other dance styles thanks to the strict discipline involved in producing clean, clear, and polished lines and movements.
  • Attending a ballet studio from a young age with a qualified and experienced ballet instructor will help with learning clean techniques for turns, jumps, leaps, and extensions that carry over into all other dance styles.
  • Ballet also develops strength, control, body awareness, lateral movement, footwork, and agility that will aid gymnasts, ice skaters, and other athletes. We are sure that whatever you choose to do in the future, your ballet technique will come in handy!
Ballet Classes Coconut Grove
Ballet Classes Coconut Grove

What We Offer

We accept dancers at all ability levels. Our youngest students are 18 months old and will begin in our Pre-School section, where they will learn the basics of dance styles in a class full of fun and learning.

  • For ages 6 and older, we have classes based on skill level for acrobatics, contemporary, hip hop, jazz, tap, and ballet within our academy division.
  • Our classes are small with a maximum of 15 students per class to ensure that our instructors can give personalised training and attention to our students and develop strong bonds with each dancer.
  • We have a Performance Stream for dancers who are 6 years and older and want a greater dance experience by competing and performing in a team environment. We split our Elite Teams and Hip Hop Crews according to age groups. Dancers receive technical training in their technical classes and at the end of each year, invitations to join a performance team are sent out by the teachers.
    “Being part of the performance teams has really helped me with my confidence both on and off stage. The excitement of learning dances and then going to competitions or performances with your friends to perform them is always so much fun and creates so many joyful memories.” – Tully (15 years old)

What You Can Expect From Royal Existence Dance Academy

Our teachers encourage a love of dance while developing each student’s technique and strengths. For dancers who want to compete and perform, we enter our teams in local and national competitions. We have three studio classrooms and a large waiting area, allowing us to have over 70 classes per week. We offer a 7 day class pass so that you can find the style that makes you or your child the happiest.

Contact us to find out more about ballet tuition, book your free trial classes, or enrol.