Learn What Sets Us Apart for Tap Dance Classes

Through our tap dance classes, you will be able to exercise your body and your mind by dancing to a rhythm and memorising the dance steps of your routine. As our teachers lead students through the renown Glenn Wood Tap syllabus, children will improve their mental focus and build muscle memory in tap classes. Dance classes can help improve your health and muscle tone, and by improving your posture, core muscles, and balance, they will help you to lead a healthier lifestyle and remain fit and active. Joining a dance class with individuals your age may help improve your social skills and allow you to have fun while getting in your weekly exercise.

Tips to Get the Most Value out of Your Tap Classes

When you decide that you’re ready to join in with tap dance lessons, we can give you an understanding of all the items that you will need to make your classes effective. We believe in your success as a dancer, and whether you’re dancing as a professional or as a hobby, we take you seriously.

  • Always wear comfortable tap shoes. When you’re starting out as a tap dancer, you won’t need state-of-the-art tap shoes that are the most expensive ones on the shelves. However, you will need a dependable pair that fits you comfortably. At dance stores, you will find a variety of tap shoes, or feel free to ask your dance instructor for advice on choosing a pair that will suit your needs. We recommend visiting the ladies at Dance World Darwin.
  • It’s always a plus to learn timing as you dance. Tap is not just about moving to the music: the timing of the dance moves is vital for the choreography to work. When you learn the timing, you can quickly detect the rhythm of the music and get into the feeling and flow.
  • Progress over perfection. Every worthwhile pursuit in life takes a dedicated approach, and in dance, dancers can become discouraged relatively quickly. Don’t take your mistakes to heart and keep on practising. Trust that you will get better with practice, and the steps will become easier.
Tap Dance Classes Coconut Grove
Tap Dance Classes Coconut Grove

What You Can Expect From Your Tap Dance Lessons

When you’re taking tap classes, you can absorb multiple benefits. Dancing not only has health benefits but is also an enjoyable experience that provides you with the opportunity to bond with a group of people your age with the same interests as you.

  • Our tap dance lessons provide a magnificent workout by increasing your heart rate with constant movement. Dancing regularly is as beneficial as any other cardiovascular exercise, such as running or riding an exercise bike.
  • Dancing allows you to express your creativity through the artistic use of music and rhythm as your communication tools.

What You Stand to Gain From Royal Existence Dance Academy

At Royal Existence Dance Academy, we welcome children from 18 months to 18 years old who have a passion for dancing and moving. We create a vibrant and safe environment for our dancers and provide dance classes suitable for all the students who are attending. We have seven different dance styles for you to choose from, so book your 7 day free trial pass online now or contact us with any further queries.