Get Grooving at Our Jazz Dance Classes

Jazz is a popular and lively dance style that you can learn in a positive environment across all age groups. This dance style is popular and a perfect fit for anyone who wants to get moving. We have experienced instructors who will continually motivate you. Dancing can improve your physical fitness and is known for boosting your mood, and it is an excellent way for children to express their emotions, too. Get your feet moving at our jazz dance academy.

Little-Known Facts About Jazz Dance Classes

Jazz has a rich history and keeps evolving. This dance style continually develops alongside modern music.

  • Jazz music and dance originate from the movements and rhythm of African slaves brought to America in the early 1800s. African dancers are known for their earthy dance style and for using their whole body as a means of expression. Jazz dance moves include bent knees and pulsating bodies emphasized by isolated movements and handclapping. You will see a lot of rib cage isolations and hip movements in classes today.
  • Jazz originally referred to any movements performed to jazz music but has since evolved into a unique dance discipline. Several dance styles such as the Charleston, jitterbug, twist, and disco have incorporated jazz movements. You can also catch jazz movements in modern dancing, modern ballet, and even on Broadway.
  • Jazz is one of the newest forms of dance, but it is a foundational staple of dance classes today. Based on this style’s origin as a social dance, the jazz scene decreased in popularity with the demise of dance and jazz clubs in the 1940s, re-emerging a decade later and roaring to the front of theatrical stages.

At Royal Existence, our instructors will give you a taste of all difference eras of jazz dance. All our jazz teachers are trained in International Dance Technique and follow the syllabus to give our students strong jazz foundations.

Jazz Dance Classes Coconut Grove
Jazz Dance Classes Coconut Grove

Things You Can Learn From Royal Existence Dance Academy

Other than the multitude of dance techniques that we teach, we infuse our classes with several core values that we hope to instil in our students:

  • Creativity and Excellence. We offer authentic, new, and exhilarating choreography and encourage students to express their imaginations. We deliver excellence and continually improve the quality of our services. We adopt a can-do attitude and believe in consistent personal betterment.
  • Growth. We believe in the importance of lifelong learning, not only for our students but also for our staff. During our classes and stage performances, instructors and students grow together.
  • Integrity and Unity. Cultivating a culture of respect for yourself, others, and the artistry of dance is a priority. We display integrity in our music and costume choices. Our students, their parents, and our staff are a dance family, and we act as a united front when investing in our broader community.

Why You Should Join Royal Existence Dance Academy

Our facilities are modern, and we teach beginners classes in addition to instructing students who aspire to become professional dancers. We have an inclusive approach, offer inspiring dance classes, and are committed to quality training, and we offer a 7 day free class pass lesson so that you can make an informed decision. Contact us for more information or join us today!