Everything You Need to Know About Hip Hop Dance Classes


Many different dance-style classes are available at our studio, but for those who have a lot of energy and want to participate in a high-intensity activity, participating in hiphop dance classes is a perfect choice. Students will grow in confidence as they learn how to connect to the beat and find their groove. Students will learn old-school and new school grooves, urban style, and the foundations break-dancing, popping and locking.

When you enrol for yourself or your child in our dance classes, you can rest assured that you’re in the capable hands of a professional, qualified dance instructor. At Royal Existence Dance Academy, we take dance seriously. Apart from ensuring that you love the aesthetics of our modern facilities, you can rest assured that our studios are a safe, controlled environment.

How to Prepare for Your Hip Hop Dance Lessons

Dancing is all about having fun and is a great way to get fit, but just as you would prepare to go to the gym for the first time, you need to make some preparations to ensure that you are comfortable while you shake off the day. Here are some ways to prepare your body and mind before starting your hip hop dance lessons.

  • Choose your clothes carefully. Hip hop is a dance form with heaps of energy and movement, so you’ll need to make sure to wear clothes that are both comfortable, practical and of course makes you feel “like a vibe”. These clothes should either be loose-fitting or made from stretchy material. Miss Sam loves to wear an oversized shirt with a pair of tracksuits or leggings. Check out our Royal X Uniform Guide.
  • Remember to stretch. While your teacher will lead you in a dynamic warm up and stretching exercises, we recommend doing some quick stretches at home to warm up your muscles if you’re new to dancing. Or you will feel it in the morning!
  • Get into the zone. You should also prepare your mind for the intense workout your body will receive. You can do this by listening to some groovy hip hop beats on your way to our dance studio. Ask Miss Sam for her Spotify playlist!
Hip Hop Dance Classes Coconut Grove
Hip Hop Dance Classes Coconut Grove

Why Should My Child Join Dance Classes

It takes a village to raise a child, let us be part of yours. Our instructors will share their passion and knowledge to inspire your child and whether they are with us for 10 weeks or 10 years, we are committed to helping them discover their fullest potential.

  • Release stress. It’s no secret that exercising releases endorphins that boost your mood, and even little people experience stress from time to time. Dance classes are a great way to shake off the day, forget our worries, and feel good.
  • Get in shape. Kid couch potato? Or maybe they need to burn some energy. When your child takes a class at our studio, you’ll get a full-body workout with this high-energy dance style.
  • Make new friends. Taking on activities is a great way to make new friends with the same passions. If you want your child to learn social skills or make new friends, signing them up for dance class is a great way to do so.

About Royal Existence Dance Academy

We keep our classes small to guarantee that each student receives the attention they deserve to become the best hip-hop dancer possible. Our team of accredited instructors will teach you different dance styles in a welcoming and friendly environment, where no one will judge you if you make mistakes. Many of our instructors have danced from a young age and are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience.

Contact us for more information or to enrol in our classes.