Hello Dance Family,

Welcome to term 3! I hope you had a wonderful holiday and are feeling ready to get back into the dancing term. Over the holidays we had a staff retreat and all came away feeling inspired for the term ahead!

Have you seen the new sign in our waiting room? Our Vision, Mission & Vision board is up! It outlines our purpose as a studio. It is what drives us everyday and how we make decisions.
Our Vision is to build our students into successful leaders, strong in character, full of confidence and joy, as they discover their creative purpose and are launched into their bright future.

CREATIVITY is one of our values. We see creativity expressed through choreography, teacher lesson plans, the Spirit Calendar, student’s interpretation of dance steps, song choices, costume choices, the End of Year Concert we are preparing for and more.

Term 3 is going to be ACTION PACKED and so I wanted to touch base today and let you in on a few things we have going on.




Yana has been dancing at Royal Existence since 2019 in the Senior Hip Hop class and Open Hip Hop Crew, but has had a passion for the style since she was 8 years old.

We are so excited to have her part of the Royal X team and in training to become a Hip Hop teacher. We know that she will do a fabulous job at teaching, inspiring students and bringing a fresh vibe to our Hip Hop style.


Our Concert Theme has been announced!


Your purpose in life is how you use your giftings/abilities/talents/skills, interests, passions and knowledge to serve others and benefit the world around you. It is the WHY behind what you do. Seasons in life may change, but your purpose never does.

Stay tuned for a post in the Royal X Parent & Student Facebook group about the theme for the preschool concert later this week ???

Save The Date: Friday 17th & Saturday 18th December, 2021

If you are new and haven’t been part of the EOY concert before, it is an incredible opportunity and experience for all our students to get a taste of life as a performer and get to showcase their skills and talents in full costume, with lights on the stage. It is our highlight every year!


Congratulations to Amalia Baker for completing Level 1 DanceStep Certificate.
Amalia has been assisting in Junior & Sub-Intermediate Hip Hop on Thursday afternoons as part of her practical component of DanceSteps. She shares her passion for hip hop with the other students and has been an incredible assistant during all aspects of the classes. Now for Level 2!


With the weather starting to warm up again it is important to remember to send a water bottle with your dancers to every class. We have cold water in the fridge upstairs they can use to top these up between classes if required.

Dancing is a very thirsty business?


Our performance teams have a few dance outs and competitions coming up:

  • Evolution Dance Competition – 30th July – 1st August
  • Relay For Life – Friday, 6th August
  • Good Shepherd Fete – Saturday, 7th August
  • Follow Your Dreams Competition – 4th & 5th September

More information will be given to the teams as needed.


We are saying farewell to two of our beloved teachers, Miss Charlotte & Miss Phoebe. They are so grateful for their time being part of the Royal X Dance Family and will miss everyone greatly.

We will miss them and wish them all the best!

Car Parking

For the safety of our students walking into classes and out of respect for the other tenants in the complex, we ask that everyone please park in the cul-de-sac.

We encourage the “Kiss ‘n’ Ride” arrangement with your children. On Saturday’s some of our students take our pet Ostriches down with them to the cul-de-sac and they are more than happy to walk your child up to the studio.

If you do park in the venue you will be asked to re-park in the cul de sac.

Happy Birthday June Babies