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Is Elite or Crew Your Next Step?

Performance Teams at Royal X are for dancers that are looking for a broader experience and deeper commitment to dance. Our Elite students, characterized by their passion and dedication, undergo tremendous growth in both confidence and dance proficiency. The Elite program fosters close-knit bonds among teammates, cultivating lifelong friendships and facilitating individual learning and growth.

Elite positions are extended to students who exhibit exceptional qualities such as resilience, commitment, humility, and integrity. With a foundation in technical training from Ballet and Jazz classes, Elite sessions concentrate on mastering set routines for performances in Darwin and participation in regional and national competitions.

Royal X has earned a reputation for delivering engaging and dynamic Hip Hop routines, making it a hub for nurturing Hip Hop enthusiasts. Crews serve as an excellent platform for children to refine their skills and gain stage performance experience.

Every two years, our students seize the opportunity to participate in the Evolution National Competition on the Gold Coast, representing Darwin in a memorable bonding experience. This event not only showcases their talents but also reinforces the sense of camaraderie among all our students.